SightSeeing Tours

Because of its modern architecture, breathtaking skyscrapers and luxurious lifestyle, it has already grabbed the attention of visitors. Annually millions of visitors visit UAE to feel the beauty of the metropolitan city.

Sightseeing is one the popular activity for those who love the cultural and traditional city life. In UAE there are plenty of way to have city sightseeing experience but these two are preferable: By a luxury 4*4 Land cruiser and by Dhow cruise.

Our company provides the city sightseeing by 4*4 car in the morning and by dhow cruise in the evening. Morning city sightseeing tour starts around 9 AM and end at 1 PM and evening sightseeing tour starts at 7:30 PM and last for 3 hours.

We provide the sightseeing tour for the following:-

Dubai City Tour

Abu Dhabi Tour

Al-Ain City Tour

Musandam Dibba Oman Tour


Sharjah, UAE


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